I came to Iyengar Yoga through the traditional channel of Adult Education Classes almost twenty years ago. I was a reluctant gym member and wanted a more enjoyable way to keep fit. At first the benefits were imperceptible, but as time passed I noticed that as well as an improvement in my general fitness and flexibility, some of the poses which had initially seemed impossible gradually became more attainable. Other noticeable benefits were that I suffered less from colds and other viruses, and dealing with the everyday stresses of a busy family life became more manageable as my emotional well-being was improved.

My once a week class developed into two, then three times a week. I also joined the local Iyengar Institute and began attending workshops with senior teachers. For the past ten years, I have spent a week in Crete being taught by senior teacher Marios Argiros.

In March 2015 I travelled to Deradhun, Northern India, to spend three weeks being taught by Rajiv and Swati Chanchani, well-respected Iyengar Yoga teachers, at their Yog-Ganga studio in the Southern Himalayas. It was an unforgettable and enlightening experience both in terms of the yoga and the places and people I came across during the trip.

After completing the Introductory Level Teacher Training Course, I gained my qualification in October 2016. I am now looking forward to introducing the Iyengar method of yoga to new students and to helping them reap the benefits of the practice.

Jo Sargent

IYENGAR Yoga teachers are obliged to adhere to rigorous standards of training and accreditation. Only those displaying the IYENGAR Yoga Certification Mark are authorised to teach in the IYENGAR method

Updated: November 2020

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